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Betfair Trading Made Easy!

Learn how to really trade on Betfair with an industry expert of over twenty years. No crazy ideas, just sensible, logical advice from a true professional.

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Trading Needn't be scary.

It’s quite common to experience a moment where you think the market is just set up to make money from you.

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Sports Betting for a Living.

When people ask me what I do for a living I’ll often pause for a moment and answer, “I watch sports for a living”

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is not rocket science!

It can seem a little complicated at first, but profitable Betfair Trading doesn’t need to be rocket.

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this Bet Angel feature Will change everything.

Bet Angel allows you to spawn multiple markets using the powerful ladder interface. This video shows you how.

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The truth about managed sports betting funds.

What better strategy could you have than giving your money to an expert and letting them do all the hard work?

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Predict the outcome of a football match.

With football betting strategy you need to make a firm judgment on what is going to happen in a football match.

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Full of helpful, advice, historic data and examples. The Bet Angel Forum is the most active and established Betfair trading community available. Packed full of experienced Betfair traders of many years experience. Head here to speak to like minded individuals.

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Bet Angel Tutorial Videos

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Bet Angel Tutorial Videos